Saturday, December 30, 2006

After the water was mixed the plenum was added. It is set back so it (the plenum) will not show once the crushed coral and shell are in place.

System description:

Tank: Used 50 gal TruVu acrylic tank.
Circulation: Hagen 802 to return water from sump, Same above for circulation and siphon bleeding and 2 Power Sweep PS-40 for circulation.
Protein skimmer: DIY air injected powered by a Maxijet 12oo.
Refugium/sump: Converted wet dry holding about 15 gal.
Lighting: 4-55 W 10K PC on for 12 hours.
Refugium lit by one 6500K 65 W Yard light and one board of LEDS.

It was only able to stock immediately because the live rock and live sand were in a tote with lighting for about 2 months.
50 gal tank and DIY stand. Water mixing with two power heads on the bottom. The 5 gal bucket on the left is the freshwater reservoir for continuous top-up.
Picture of the new 50 gal reef after live sand and live rock were added. Water is fairly cloudy at this point.
A picture of the live rock that was curing in tote in the store room.
Right side of 50 gal reef. The water is still clearing. In the upper left corner the black sponge with the plastic tie covers the input for a Hagen 802 powerhead. The reason for such a large powerhead is to bleed the siphon to prevent it from developing an air lock.
These critters were on the live rock transferred from the 29 gal reef. The smaller system is now in the store room. The anemones and Engineer goby were left with several pieces of live rock in the 29 gal system.
A Montipora, Tree Coral and Sinularia were added right after the live rock was put in place. They appeared comfortable with their new home from the first day.
Critters from the right side: Zenia, Ribbon Gorgonian, encrusting gorgonian. The move has had little, if any, negative effect on these animals.
A close-up of the Red Chili coral, a Christmas present.
Striped 'shrooms and leather coral in the 50 gal reef. The leather does not appear to be doing well at this point. When it was in the ice chest waiting to be moved to its new home. It some how ended upside down.
This Firefish is the only fish in this reef at this time. The plan is to add 5-8 small, peaceful fish.
Shot taken from front, left side showing tree coral and Red Chili at the bottom. Keep in mind the tank has only been up less than a week.
Shot of the new 50 gal reef taken from the left side.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I rec'd this Engineer Goby instead of the Neon Goby I had orderred. When it was introduced to the small reef about 3 months ago it was a juvenile with one longitudinal stripe. It will come out for flake food but otherwise is rarely seen. It now ranges the whole tank. It probably deserves to be in a larger tank. It is peaceful although it looks rather mean. It must be 4-5 inches long. It is hardly ever all the way out long enough to get any more precise measurement.

BTW the brown algae seen in the upper left corner is becoming more a pest than the Caulerpa is/was.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Rainford goby.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The M. capricornus (sp) was added on 11/23.
The Acro in this shot is the only acro left. It has been open a great deal lately and the branches are becoming more distinct. Its polyps are a light lime-green in color.
On 11/30 I removed two frags from the Porites. This is on of them.
On Nov 30th I fragged the Pocillopora and Birdnest. They are the ones with the white epoxy at their bases. This is the very top of the lg reef.