Saturday, November 18, 2006

This Caulerpa is uncontrollable! Harvest about a cup a week out of the lg reef. (It is also in the small reef). It breaks easily and any small piece of a runner (rhizome) contiues merrily on its way. If I waited for it to "go sexual" it would have overgrown all the corals!
Had hoped that the Yellow Tang would get it under control but its grazing has had no effect at this point.

Friday, November 10, 2006

The protein skimmer on the tote curing the live rock and live sand. The skimmer will go to the 50 gal reef when it is set-up in the next3-4 weeks. I still have some work to do on the stand and would also like to give a little more time for the rock to cure. This set-up will take the place of the 29-gal in the living room. The fish, shrimp and corals will be moved to the larger system.

BTW the container on the bucket is a top-up dripper in which I put buffer every other day or so.
A tote was set-up in the shop area. It was stocked with new crushed coral, about 7 cups of live sand and a few small pieces of live rock from both systems. Several pieces of old once-live rock were added to get cured. A Maxi-1200 runs the protein skimmer and a med. sized powerhead is used to circulate the water. It has been up for about a week. There are no measureable nitrates. The sand and live rock are odor-free. There is lots of green algae but no corraline as yet. Alk is around 4.0 and pH 8.0.
The Zenia was added yesterday just to see if it would do okay and it appears to be doing fairly well.
This is the venturi in my latest DIY protein skimmer. And it is working pretty good at this time. I was injecting air but in the last couple of days have let it run purely on the venturi.
These Golden Polyps are about 10 months in the reef. They have grown from a dozen or so to more than I can count. Frozen seafood is sprayed over them every other day or so.
Several soft corals bunched together in the small reef.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

This tank has several colonies of Zenia that I would love to sell. In front is a green brittle star that came in with no arms. It was presumed dead but new buds can be seen on the end of the arms.
On the left is a growing Pocillopora. Right next to it is one colony of Montipora and further right a thick-branch birdnest coral.
With the waves it is hard to tell but these are gold polyps and they have spread a LOT.
The small cleaner shrimp on some shrooms in the small tank.
A picture of the encrusting gorgonia in the small tank. There are two other patches.