Saturday, October 21, 2006

Note the growth in the unknown Acro. and the thick branch Birdnest. In the lower right corner is a frag from the Porites. The star polyp is spreading in all directions, Plan to make some cuttings and glue on the back wall.
The large reef. Note coral growth, especially the pesty Zenia! Just below the clown is the Kenya Tree Coral and in the back is the Pocillopora which has grown considerably.
The rock with the leather and 'shrooms has been raised to mid-level and both appear to be doing much better.
This is my 29 gal reef. I am having a constant battle with red cyano on the rock and sand. pH 8.2, alk 4.0, sp grav. 1.023 and temp 80-81. I am looking for a cheap solution to the problem.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Photo taken with flash about an hour after the light went out. Difficult to tell but there are two scarlet hermets that appear to be

On the sad note the female clown has died. She has been poorly for several days: refusing food, breathing rapidly amd lose of color. So far the male does not appear to be infected. I was able only once to catch her for a freshwater dip of about 4 min.