Friday, April 28, 2006

Last night I noticed that the Bicolor blenny would not eat. It was breathing rapidly and lethargic.
Its gills appeared to be inflamed. It would have been impossible to get it out of the reef for any kind of treatment. This morning it was gone probably going deep into the reef to die.
My theory: There was a confrontation with the Canary blenny and the the Bicolor was bitten resulting in mortality.
None of the other fish are exhibiting any of these symptoms. But then again there are no other blennies in this reef.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

By clicking on the photos you will have a larger view.

This is rhe small reef. Its lighting consists of 2 55W PC bulbs. I am leary of trying to do hard corals with the lighting as it is. Thew leather is opening much better than it was in the lg reef; however, now the green-stripped mushrooms are not doing as well. Everything in this tank seems to be doing well with the exception of the two types of mushrooms.

Above the Finger leather is a comparatively new Royal Gramma. In the middle of the picture and barely visible is a young yellow Clown goby. There are two in this tank but they are not getting along. The smaller of the two may have to be moved to the large reef.
Upper left is the Cup or Pagoda coral. Just below is Two almost blended Pom Pon zenia. Lower center a new yellow feather duster. The brown and white Acro I am not sure of its type. For a while I was not sure it was alive but it does appear to be growing.

Today's maintenance consisted of changing the airstone in the skimmer and reconnecting the air line to the pump. (I noticed that I did not have much skimmate so knew some action was necessary). The powerhead filter sponges were very dirty requiring a consideable amount of wrinsing.
The Acro on the plug in the middle is new and I am hoping it will get enough light in this position.
The Canary blenny that arrived yesterday and now very much at home in the lg reef.. The right of it's tail is a Strawberry Pocillopora replacing the one that died in the previous shipment.
A Six-line wrasse was also arrived with yesterday's shipment but was DOA. It was also to go in this tank

Saturday, April 22, 2006

This is the right side of lg reef as it is today. The two large feather dusters next to the tree sponge were added yesterday. They survived a two day delay having been sent to Newport, Wash. by mistake. The larger of the Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp is now gravid so I assume the smaller one was not too young after all!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Three new SPS frags that arrived today. A canary Porites, strawberry Pocillopora and thick branch Birdnest. I will move them up into the reef soon. I was so impressed with them I want to order some more!

The Cladiella has not been opening so I moved it down thinking that th3e new MH bulb may be too strong as it seem to close up more after the light had been on a few hours.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The focus is fuzzy as I was trying to get the two corals in the same shot. In the back is the Montipora. It has grown significantly since being glued in this spot. This is one of the fastest SPS corals I have grown. In the blurry foreground is a new Acro. I think I can see some growth but I also see a couple of spots of what appears to be diatoms.
The two Scarlet Cleaner shrimp like to hang onto this prefilter below the oscillating power head. They will readily take food from one's fingers. I think the smaller of the two is too young yet to breed. In the night they will leave and wonder the whole tank. My goal is to someday try to raise the larvae.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Left, rear corner of lg reef as of today. Under new lighting.
The new colony of Zenia is in the far left. next are 3 ribbon gorgonia. Then a torch coral (also new). Below it Montipora frag saved from the tank in Moses Lake. To the right is a Cladella (I think). It is a little hard to make out.
So far I think this reef is looking fairly good.
My wish list includes a Yellow Tang, a Mandarin, couple of feather dusters, couple more Pepperment shrimp. A couple of more SPS corals that I can use for fraging and sale down the line.
The below shot is the right side of the lg reef under natural sunlight only. (Sorry about the reflection).
The center red critter is a flame scallop. I seem to be having luck with this species at least for now. The tree sponge on the right is also doing well.
Below is the center front of the tank under lighting with a new Metal Halide. The acros appear to be doing ok at this point. The top middle center is a new colony of LPS. It also seems to like the new light.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The ribbon gorgonian (center, front) was in the 29 gal reef but refused to open. Within a couple of hours of this move it was open again. It had been in the lg reef and was opened every day. My conclusion: the poor PC lighting was not as good as the too-green MH. So I need to do something to improve the lighting in the small reef as well as the lg one. I will start with changing the bulbs and the tarnished reflectors. - soon, I hope.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

These are three of the acros I orderred. I moved them to the front to take a picture. After studying them with a magnifying glass I could see what appeared to be deeply retracted polyps on the one on the left. The other two are definitely dead and now growing algae. The possibly surviving acro I broke off the plug and glued close to the front.
That was yesterday. Today I cannot see any extension of the polyps.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Not able to add pics at this time.Haven't figured out how to get the photos from the memory stick and the floppy disk drive on my camera has apparently died. Tried cleaning it but that did not work, Recently added some acro frags but they all arrived DOA so I am working on the provider replacing them. Added a torch and cup coral and a small cleaner shrimp. So far so good. Water tests a couple of days ago had everything WNL (actually better).
I finally gave in and orderred a new 10K 175 W MH bulb. The green tint did not want to go away.
The gorgonians have been closed a lot lately but the reason is unknown as of this point in time.