Monday, March 20, 2006

I was going to post a picture but my camera is acting up.

I have noted a couple of things. The ribbon gorgonians in the small reef have not opened in four days or more. Sometimes when that happens they will end this phase by shedding the epidermal tissues,
In the large tank the finger leather closed today. It has shown considerable growth over the past month or so, It is all glossy looking so I suspect that it too is about to shed.

I am going to do a 10-gal water change tomorrow on both systems. I am hoping to suck out some of the small blue flatworms out of the small system.

Checked the pH on both and they were around 8.2. Nitrates still reading 0.0. Both tests are Fastest. A pH meter would be nice but is just not in the budget at this time.


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