Sunday, March 05, 2006

I decided that protein skimmers were just too expensive. This is my first attempt a building a venturi skimmer. The black connector comes from the garden dept and is usually part of drip irrigation systems. Just before the fore-said part is an adapter inside cutting the ID to about 5/16th". In the outlet an elbow was cut to deflect the air bubbles upward and prevent bubblrd from returning to the sump. It produces a very dry foam as long as the powerhead is clean and working at its best. The outlet is 3/4" (not visible in this photo). When it is working well the blue airline can be heard sucking in air but an air pump is added to increase the water/air mixture. The only drawback: Feeding, adding supplements or putting your hand in the tank and the foam stops it working for a few minutes. (There is a much better photo on another page).


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